Dean's Models and other things.

Flying at the Remarkables, Queenstown.


Lois with Andrew and family.


Hi, I'm a sixty something retired man with a wonderful wife and family.

We have two boys and seven grand children and we live in Christchurch New Zealand.

And yes, we survived the earthquakes very well, thank you.


What I like doing.............

Craig and family.

A big interest of mine is building models and 'playing' with them too.

I am particularly involved with planes, boats and trains, but have made models of other things as well.

I enjoy photography, but now take photos for practical reasons rather than for competition.

More recently I have begun to enjoy travelling too.

The Reason for this site.

It is intended to provide information in a number of ways for your enlightenment.

So have a great trip and enjoy my site.🙂

Latest comments

03.02 | 09:27

I live in UK, but for unfathomable reasons, find myself drawn to NZR trains, especially the oddball stuff like this. I blame Marcus Lush for this.

07.04 | 17:18

Sorry, but I can't help you.

05.04 | 21:45

I am building a OFFSHORE RAIDING CRAFT as used by Royal Marines and require 2 water jets the model is 1 metre long . Do you have any motors suitable for this

27.02 | 06:53

Generally no. There are some working models available in NZ at other scales, HO and 9mm I think.